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Since this exercise helps to regenerate our Kidneys energy, i.e. our original (ancestral) energy, it helps us increase our longevity. I think this exercise will be most appropriate because I feel a lot of people on Earth right now are tired and exhausted, and that there are in great need of all possible tools to build and maintain their energy. Since our essence is our Jing energy, I offer you this simple but efficient Qi Gong exercise.

● Sit on the edge of a chair (or of a bed when you wake up in the morning). Clap your hands making sure the tendons of your hands are slighted activated (as if you were making claws) and your palms are hollow so that he clapping echoes. Here we work with the reflexology zones of the hands: the little finger corresponds to the Kidneys and Bladder; the ring finger, to the Lungs and Large Intestine; the middle finger, to the Heart and Small Intestine; the pointing finger, to the Liver and Gall Bladder; and the thumb, to the Spleen and Stomach. The fleshy part under the thumb corresponds to constipation and hemorroids. The part directly above the wrist creaseDSCN0123.JPG corresponds to the sexual zone. Clap 100 times.

● Now bring your left leg on your right knee. Hold your uncovered left ankle with your left hand and hit strongly point 1 of the Kidney meridian 100 times with your stretched palm and the point 8 of the Pericardium meridian. This way, you are harmonizing the fire and water elements.




●Massage point 1 of the Kidney meridian (under your foot). Men massage from this point towards the toes (cancer prevention).

● Change legs and do the same thing with the right foot.

● Now put both feet flat on the ground, close your eyes and let energy flow. Feel the sensation moving up in your legs to your Kidneys. Feel the quality vibration of the water energy.


● You now work on the next points. First, Pericardium 6. It is found three fingers width under the crease of your wrist on the inside of your arm, between two tendons. To find it, stick your pointing, middle and ring fingers together and put them on the inside of your arm, right under the crease of your wrist. Then bring the tip of your thumb on the point right between the two tendons, right beside your index finger.




● For the Triple Warmer point 5, which is on the outside of your arm right across the Pericardium 6 point, bring your index finger on it. Now massage the two points at the same time, making approximately 20 small circles one way, and 20 small circles the other way. You can also just press on these points and release the pressure. You are here harmonizing the Heart, blood circulation and emotions, as well as chi flow and the immunitary system.


Finally, the last acupuncture point of this exercise is Large Intestine 4. Stretch the skin between your thumb and your pointing finger. Lightly bring the crease marks of your other thumb on the stretched skin and softly roll down your thumb. At the tip of your thumb is Large Intestine 4. This point is a release point for all symptoms concerning the head. It is excellent for bowel movement problems (tonification toward your wrist for diarrhea and dispersion toward your fingers for constipation).



(See other meditations on my Medical and Energizing Chi Kung DVD, and on my TAO CD.)

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