Questions and Answers

How much does this workshop cost?
CAD$250, 200 Euros or US$300, depending on the zone where the workshop takes place.

What are the hours of this workshop?
From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. generally. The workshop may be residential and begin Friday evening in some places, in particular in Europe.

Where do these workshops take place?
In Canada, they are given in the Laurentians, Quebec City, Montreal, Outaouais, Eastern Townships and New Brunswick. In France, they take place in Provence, Paris and Montpellier, and in Switzerland, in Genève.

Who leads these workshops?
Myself, Annie Ollivier. Others who have already taken the workshop may be present as assistants.

Is there a CD or DVD on Weight-Loss Chi Kung and vitalizing Chi Kung?
A DVD is now available online to do Weight-Loss Chi Kung exercises at home!

How long is this training ?
The training lasts a weekend (Saturday and Sunday or Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday) with a follow-up by e-mail or telephone.

What kind of exercises are taught?
These are not exercises of the kind where you move in order to sweat. Rather, these are postures (standing or sitting), accompanied by breathing exercises and corresponding mental attitudes, designed to modify your metabolism in order to burn fat and convert it to energy.
Participants will learn four slimming exercises that will be repeated until committed to memory. We also do four medical Chi Kung exercises at the beginning of the day (to activate energy). The Inner Smile meditation (digestive system line) and Six Healing Sounds meditation (heart only) are performed at the start and end of the day to harmonize the organs and dissipate excess heat.
The HUNGER BLOCKER, the ENERGIZER, the FAT BURNER (versions 1 and 2) and the BELLY BURNER are thus aerobic "exercises" without movement (!). They increase the body's blood flow by intensifying the circulation of energy in the meridians and organs. Thus, the heart does not become tired.

Is documentation provided?
Participants receive a manual including all the exercises learned, general information on Chi Kung, information sheets on weight control, acupuncture, the weekend's program, the program to be followed at home for the period during which the exercises are performed, and a table of foods based on the five elements. There is also a health form to be completed before the workshop to evaluate the state of your energy, a character questionnaire, a feedback form, and a registration form.

Do you need to follow a special diet?
These exercises are accompanied by a modified diet during the period (and only then) when working toward your target weight. It is an essential element of this weight-loss program. It is thus necessary to stop consuming carbohydrates and lipids during this period (sugar and fat in all forms). With the help of the exercises, the body then reabsorbs energy stored in the fat. Once you reach your target weight, you can resume a normal diet (you will want to keep the good habits acquired by the body because they make you feel good!) and do the FAT BURNER from time to time if you commit certain excesses.
On the other hand, unlike ordinary weight-loss diets, these "exercises" (in particular the ENERGIZER) greatly increase your energy and vitality. After the first 2 or 3 days of transition when you may feel hungry (do the HUNGER BLOCKER in this case), you will feel completely satisfied by all the vegetables, fruits and proteins that you eat. The other advantage, is that you will feel lighter, you will increase your vitamin and mineral intake, and you will develop healthier habits of living and eating. The intestinal transit will be easier because of the plentiful fibre content and your body will remember what is right for it. It is a generally Asian type of diet (raw or lightly cooked vegetables, fresh fruit, eggs, fish, lean meat, tofu, etc.).
It is important to understand that excess weight generally comes from a nutritional imbalance (there can be other reasons, such as lack of exercise, or hormonal imbalance). We compensate our unfulfilled need for love by eating too much sugar, chips, etc. and taking in too many lipids and carbohydrates. We need to regain our balance with a healthier diet of better food combinations.

Do Weight-Loss Chi Kung exercises replace food?
Weight-Loss Chi Kung exercises let you directly absorb Chi that you would normally take from the food you eat. Some Chi Kung masters or other individuals with special training (the Australian Jasmuheen, among others, who has not eaten food for more than 10 years and Theresa Neumann who did not eat for 60 years) live exclusively on Chi. But, of course not all of us want to stop eating altogether!

Who can teach this kind of Chi Kung?
To teach this kind of Chi Kung, you must have studied in Chinese energy science, that is in Traditional Chinese Medicine and in Chi Kung. And to integrate these studies takes years of practice.

Are the exercises the same for everybody?
Based on the principles of medical Chi Kung, the exercises are tailored according to your personal energy profile. Under no circumstance therefore can they be transmitted to other persons whose energy condition is different. It would be a risk to their health and possibly cause problems they did not have before and could unbalance their metabolism.

What material is required to participate in this training?
Your body, your thoughts, your awareness, and your energy! Maybe also a notebook and a pen. And your personal effects.

Are there any books on Weight-Loss Chi Kung?
This is mainly an oral tradition, that has been documented only recently in some works. It should be noted however that examination by a TCM specialist is required to determine the individual's energy condition and thus prescribe the type of Chi Kung that fits their needs.

What is the maximum number of participants per workshop?
About 12, to allow the teacher sufficient time to help each individual in the integration of their personalized exercises. With appropriate organization, some workshops could include more participants, in particular residential workshops that allow for more time.

How do I get last-minute details before arriving at the workshop?
An e-mail will be sent to registered participants a week before the workshop date with details on: how to get there, clothing, payment, diet, etc.

How do you pay for the workshop?
This site offers a secure payment system by credit card using PAYPAL. To register you must pay a deposit of CAD$50, 100 Euros or US$50 (depending ont the zone where the workshoptakes place) before the workshop date. You will receive a confirmation when your registration and online payment have been made. The balance must be paid the morning of arrival at the workshop.

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