On this page, I let participants in previous workshops speak in their own words. To preserve the full personal flavour of the contributions, I have made only a few minor editing changes for purposes of comprehension.

Hi Annie! As I promised in an e-mail in March 2007 (some time ago!), I am sending you my testimony about my extremely positive experience with Weight-loss Chi Kung. I am sorry not having sent it before and would be happy if you took the time to read it. I would also be happy if it can, in part or in whole, be of any use for the people you teach Chi Kung to!
I had been successful in maintaining a very healthy weight until the age of 27. Then, because things were difficult in our couple, I gained 50 pounds within one year. Once our relation ended, I ended up with a 35 pounds overweight. To that were added ups and downs of more or less 15 extra pounds according to my mood swings and stress at work.
I strongly wished to loose this excess of weight. The solution came through an e-mail. Since I am a member of Alchymed forum in Québec, I regularly received Annie’s ads regarding Weight-loss Chi Kung. But I only decided to go ahead for her workshop in November 2006. I was totally convinced that I would get rid of this problem once and for all!
Hesitating and a bit unsure when I arrived at the workshop, I feared that people would once again blame me for my overweight. On the contrary! I was warmly welcomed with kindness. I was also very impressed by the professionalism of the workshop: Health form, Personalized Energy Check-up with test and pulse taking even before we started the workshop per se. I had a good feeling: I was at the right place with the right persons, at the right time.
Together with Annie, we unravelled the essence of the Chi Kung practice and we learned how to apply it in our everyday life. Finally, I could understand these serious sugar bouts and my endless need to drink coffee even before getting up in the morning. And above all, this hunger that was so present in my stomach all the time!
Chi Kung is whole in its functioning and each of our organs has an impact on all the others. So I learnt that our organs function as a whole cycle. When an organ is over or under stimulated, the other organs become unbalanced. In my case, my Liver was weak as was my Spleen.
Right after the first day of the workshop, I started with a new way of eating, I adopted a new diet. That night, I had been invited for a birthday party at a restaurant. What an ordeal, I thought! But I was surprised to see myself choose the right foods for my energetic state and, more important, not to take any dessert. I had passed the test! And I went on this way for the whole month of November, at the same time scrupulously doing my Weight-loss Chi Kung exercises to burn my fat (Fat-burner, Belly-burner) and the Energizer. At the end of November, I had lost 10 pounds. The best in all this, is that I never felt hungry during the whole month and the next one.
At the end of March 2007, I weighed 151 pounds and had lost 35 pounds. I still had 15 pounds to loose. But I became kind of sluggish and asked Annie for some advice. She said I should eat more of certain foods and to call her 2 weeks later. I never called her back because, meanwhile, a fantastic news came up : I was pregnant! Wow! My partner and I had been waiting for two years and a half for a baby. What a fantastic news!
When I went to the doctor for my first check-up, Sylvie noticed immediately that I had lost a lot of weight and asked me how I did it. I told her about Chi Kung and its principles and she answered this: ‘I am convinced that this change of diet largely contributed to the fact of you being pregnant.’ And you know what? I believe it totally! The article on Annie’s May 2008 Newsletter, Second Spring, explains very well how Tao and Chi Kung can contribute to fertility!
I had a wonderful pregnancy, I was full of energy and, most important, I only gained the weight that was necessary for my baby. As soon as I felt weak, irritated, impatient or when I had sugar bouts, I observed attentively my diet and adjusted it. Needless to say that I was eating normally and that I was not preoccupied by my weight. After delivery, I had 25 pounds to loose. I was firmly decided to start Weight-loss Chi Kung again. But I didn’t need to.
I simply watched my diet following the principles of Tao and the 5 elements…. And I came back to 143 pounds, ie. 9 pounds less than before I became pregnant. I nursed my son until recently and I can assure you that the Chi Kung principles have been very useful to keep in shape and full of energy. I did the energizing exercises a few times and they have proven very efficient mainly during sleepless nights with my baby. Today, I am pregnant again and I feel very good. We will have our second son in May 2009. I keep in mind and use these exercises whenever I feel low in energy or unbalanced in one way or the other.
Chi Kung and its principles have taught me a lot about me and the energy cycle of my organs, Now, I am calm, peaceful, collected and very grounded. These teachings shed some light on many of my behaviours and emotions. I am now a healthy woman with a healthy weight for life! Yeah!
Annie, thank you from the bottom of my heart, for your support and your help!
I wish good luck to everyone taking this workshop.
Sylvie A. (Montreal, November 2008)

Dear Annie,
It will soon be two weeks since I readied myself for an unknown workshop; I must say I had the impression of finding a complete system of energy cultivation that corresponds to where I am at this time of my life. I really appreciate the Microcosmic Orbit Chi kung that I do in the afternoon; I do the "Belly Burner" and "Fat Burner" exercises regularly and of course together with the appropriate diet, I have currently lost almost 3 kg! But what is also great, I feel a wonderful energy and I don't feel hungry. And the "icing on the cake", I taste my food more when I eat!
So I really THANK YOU Annie. I appreciated your "presence", competency and kindness. Keep on putting out this beautiful energy!
Michèle R. (Fuveau, 28-29 avril 2007)

My first week went very well. I was very, very busy at work, so I skipped several meals - no time to prepare anything - but since I never feel hungry, I didn't suffer from not eating. I NEVER do the Hunger Blocker. As far as the exercises are concerned, it is still impossible for me to do everything included in the program. It takes too much time for me. I still do a half-hour in the morning (I do 2 exercises: the strength and health one, and the other one whose name I forget... where you twist the waist, while "hitting" the chakras/organs, in addition to the Belly Burner). In the evening, I repeat the Belly Burner and the Fat Burner... a little... I can't make it to 50 respirations, I find it too long. It's strange, but my mind (Ego?) resists the Fat Burner a lot. It takes a lot of willpower to finally sit down and do it. But I am working on it... I find the phenomenon (resistance) quite interesting.
I have also been practicing the Energizer for the last few days... it does so much good... I can hardly stop doing it... it puts me in a really euphoric state of consciousness.. it's fantastic. So, by Thursday morning, I had already lost 10 lbs. (4.53 kg). WOW!! What a surprise! and I also notice that I am slimming, generally. I have also lost around the waist and abdomen... and it really shows.
But, the most extraordinary thing, is my increased energy. I have never felt so good in the morning. Since the birth of my daughter (she will soon be eight), I have been using up my reserves, incapable of getting up in the morning, energy collapse starting at four in the afternoon. Since the Monday morning after the workshop, I wake up around 5:30, I feel great, in a good mood... IT'S FANTASTIC... Yesterday, for the first time, I didn't do any exercise (for lack of time). I felt it immediately in my energy, with a big down around 5 p.m. So, I am very happy with the workshop, and I am selling it to all kinds of people. I find that Chi Kung is an EXTRAORDINARY tool in these times of chaos, stress, mutation... Thanks, thanks, a thousand times thanks. I think it's important to let people know about the benefits of extra energy by doing these breathing exercises. Everyone suffers from lack of energy, it's become chronic. I speak to everyone I meet about your workshop, not only to help them lose weight, but ESPECIALLY because of the stimulating effect on your energy.
Julie I. (workshop of October 28-29, 2005 in Quebec City)

The weekend program was full, very intense. I adored learning the exercises with Annie and practicing with the other participants! We also received a lot of information on how to eat according to the type of person we are, very interesting! The week that followed was fantastic! Increased energy, well centered, I practiced the exercises faithfully 3 times per day, the BELLY BURNER, the FAT BURNER and the REJUVENATING CHI KUNG (which I especially like...). In one week, I lost 5 lbs, and reached my objective! I can hardly believe it! I slowed down a little on the weekend, in particular the diet, I added some cereals (rice and millet) and sourdough bread. I feel so much better about myself, and I am slimming. I would like to lose a little more, to have some "space to spare" for the holidays... So, I am continuing. It does take some discipline, but the increase of energy and joy in my body is worth the trouble! This is health, and what a gift to learn to smile at our organs! Thanks Annie!
Rosanne L. (workshop of November 12-13, 2005 in Sainte-Adèle)

Hello Annie. Things are going great. This workshop came at just the right time in my life. I have put everything religiously into practice: diet of fruits, vegetables, and proteins, and exercises every morning. I even started to do the 5 Tibetans exercises again that I had neglected for the last few months.
I find I have the energy of an adolescent again, and, as I had anticipated, it's not the hunger I am confronting, but emotions, and in a big way. One morning, I realized that I was full of anger from head to toe. I got up and did the last movement of Rejuvenating Chi kung (you remember the one I was doing in the group when I got upset). But instead of doing it 10 times, I did it 500 times, or almost. In fact, I stopped counting. I did it until the anger, sadness, rage, and fear in my body were liberated. The emotions were replaced by an immense wave of joy, pleasure, laughter, and ecstasy. This so simple exercise made me realize that morning, that there is a source in me which is neither old, nor finished, and which I can draw on at any time.
All my activities have become easier. I go for a fast hour-long walk once or twice a day. I have been rubbing myself down with the massage glove, and I love using the rattan stick (I even covered myself in bruises the first days and now I am going more easy on myself) and I am following the diet faithfully. So in addition to my renewed energy, and the psychological benefit of establishing a discipline, as a bonus I lost 10 pounds in 10 days.
In brief, the Weight-Loss Chi Kung group gave me tools and motivation to turn over a new leaf, making me rediscover that my body which I thought was old was actually "bloated" and asleep. This rejuvenating program that I am currently enjoying, is my own Olympics! And I am going for the gold medal in my category! I still have 10-15 lb. to lose before crossing the finish line… And already, a prize is awaiting me: I am leaving in April for 3 weeks of painting in Costa Rica… and this time I won't dread putting on a bathing suit! I will finish my latest creation... the sculpting of my body... in the fine sand, sea water and sun!
I'm so thankful to you Annie for the creation of this group and for the inner and outer smile. Thanks to you, mine is growing every day! Deo gratias!
Amala M. (workshop of February 11-12, 2006 in Quebec City)

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