March, women's month

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I would like to dedicate this March article to women and offer them something very practical for daily life use. I also would like to thank Xiaolan Zhao who wrote the book (Reflections of the Moon on Water) from which this text is coming. I translated this book from English to French for Éditions de l'Homme in Montréal.

Since problems related to menstruations and feminine cycle are generally related to the Liver and Kidneys organ complexes (as well as the Spleen one), we, as women, should adopt measures to support these complexes. Globally, the best way to take care of ourselves and of our menstruations, if this is still the case, is to be responsible for our emotions, to change our diet, to reduce our physical activities and to change other habits we have in our lives. Keep in mind  that relaxation is very important since it allows Qi and blood to flow freely. So, all personal care should be caring and gentle.


● Keep in touch with your emotions and find a way to express them in a constructive way.
● Try to maintain a peaceful and harmonious inner state of being.
● Only eat food and medicinal plants that help the body prevent diseases.
● Try to find a balance between work and rest, physical activity and sedentarity.
● Practice self-massage in order to make Qi flow.
● Dress according to weather.

● Share your emotions with a friend, a member of your family or a TCM specialist.
● Increase your awareness of the moment where you deny your emotions.
● Learn how to recognize what triggers stress or emotions within you.
● Write in your diary.

● Avoid taking too much coffee, alcohol, red meat, spicy or pungent food.
● Avoid eating too much dairy products.
● Avoid eating too much fat, fried and sugary food.
● Do not eat too much salt. 

And during menstruations,
● Do not eat or drink cold, raw or frozen food or beverages.
● Eat dark leaves vegetables like spinaches and Savoy cabbage, sticky rice, fish, eggs, currants, liver and poultry.

● Qi Gong
● Tai Qi
● Meditation

● Avoid  too much working.
● Eat, sleep, exercise and rest according to a regular and balanced program.
● Dress according to weather.

And during menstruations,
● Avoid swimming.
● Do not lift heavy loads.
● Do not undertake vigorous physical activities.
● Avoid using tampons.
● Do not walk barefeet on cold grounds.
● Do not have sexual intercourse.


Acupressure can greatly help to charge your Kidneys. Press firmly on the following points with your thumb or with your knuckles and do a circular movement at the same time :

YONG QUAN (Kidney 1)

On the sole of each foot, between the second and third toes, and approximately at one third of the distance between the base of the second toe and the heel, there is a little hollow under the ball of the foot. It is the first point of the Kidney meridian, called Yong Quan or Bubbling Spring. Firmly massage this point with your thumb or knuckles, towards your big toe. If you feel uncomfortable or if the point is hurting, this means that the energy is blocked. Press on the point for one minute.


SAN YIN JIAO (Spleen 6)

Because this point is located at the junction of three meridians Rate-6.jpg(Kidney, Spleen and Liver), massaging it helps make Qi flow in those three organs. You will find this point on the inner side of the lower leg, four fingers width above the medial malleolus, along the sheen bone. Press and release your thumb or your knuckle on this point 20 times in a circling movement. It is one of the most important acupuncture point for menstruations problems. When the function of the Spleen (carrying water) is increased, inner dampness is reduced and the Spleen is balanced. Massaging this point also helps to dissipate irritability, increases calmness and relieves belly cramps.

ZU SAN LI (Stomach 36)

Estomac-36.jpg This point is located on the outside part of the foreleg, approximatively four fingers width under the bone that is protruding just under the knee. When this point is massaged, the Spleen will be balanced and the blood, nourished. Massage 20 times with your thumb.

NEI QUAN (Pericardium 6)

Pericarde-6.jpgThis point is located near the wrist on the inside part of the forearm, three fingers width under the wrist crease and between two tendons, in the centre of the arm. This point plays an important role for Kidney and Liver Qi. It also helps to balance blood pressure and reduce agitation. Press vertically on this point and do 20 circles one way, then the other way.

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Press and release your thumb or your knuckle on this point 20 times in a circling movement.

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